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Estefanía Matesanz Medina

Board member

Estefanía has been active in the financial sector for over 20 years. Her career started at ING, where she fulfilled various roles in various markets including Real Estate and Structured Finance Natural Resources. In parallel with her banking role she acted as Sustainability Champion at ING, when the financial sector had only started to embark in the field. Following her pasion for Sustainability and ESG she transitioned to Triodos Investment Management  where she has been originating and executing investments in emerging markets both in the field of lending and private equity. She is currently Senior Investment Manager at the firm, and acts as Non-Executive Board Member for a microfinance institution in Nicaragua.  

“I want to leave this world in a much better shape for women than I found it in, not only at financial sector level but in general.”

Her passion for impact and ESG drove her to run the Dutch Chapter for the non-profit Economy for the Common Good for 4 years till April 2023 where she originated amongst others a landmark project with the Municipality of Amsterdam in order to transition SMEs into impactful business. 

Estefanía is optimistic, driven and passionate for what she does. She is good at strategic thinking but equally strong and execution. She strives for results but equally aware that relationships make the world turn. Estefanía is analytically strong, quick thinker and decisive. She is loyal, caring and straightforward. 

Estefanía has been part of WIFS for years, since her time at ING and later at Triodos Investment Management. As a born and raised Spaniard, the topic of inclusion interests greatly. Equally important for her is to leave the world  for women in a much better shape than she found it, not only at financial sector level but in general. She believes in the power of leading by example and education at young ages in order to drive change. Estefanía studied international business and holds an MBA. She is married and has a daughter, she loves travelling, reading, playing piano, cooking and outdoor sports.    

LinkedIn: Estefanía Matesanz Medina


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    Dive In - live event 25 September 2024


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