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Let's Dive In! the recap


This week, the international Dive In festival took place and we proudly look back on 2 successful events. So, let's dive in with this recap! 

The programme was designed around the theme of building braver cultures.

Brave cultures within the financial sector means awareness of that important position in society and the courage to want to contribute to the challenges we now face as a society. This requires a different attitude from financial companies, to relate differently to customers, markets, making money available and defending risks. This requires balanced leadership with room for diversity and multiple perspectives.

Tuesday - september 27

On Tuesday, the Dive In Festival got off to a very inspirational start with a virtual talk by Mpanzu Bamenga - nationally and internationally active lawyer, activist and politician who puts the topic of inclusion at the heart of everything he works on. Mpanzu took us on the journey of his relentless efforts to combat ethnic profiling, which includes bringing a case against the state to court, for which he has was awarded the title of Human Rights Man in 2021. Through this journey, he has come to realize that achieving equal rights and equal opportunities for all is not a sprint, but a marathon, and that each of us can take part in it and get to action. His passion and drive for the topic, combined with his practical and pragmatic approach to putting the topic on the agenda, were  truly stimulating for those looking for ways to accelerate inclusion in their professional and personal surroundings.

Woensdag - 28 september

The event took place at Van Lanschot Kempen, were we where welcomed by Maarten Edixhoven, the CEO. Maarten is also a member of the WIFS Advisory Council. WIFS director Mirelle van Gemert chairman of the day. 

We spoke about courage. Having courage, doing certain things differently, or being different. Trusting your intuition, not just acting from your head. Taking action, seeking each other and supporting each other. Courage is in everyone.

The well-filled programme was kicked off by Glenn Helberg. Glenn Helberg is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has practised his profession in the protection of the consulting room for many years. Themes that matter to him are: protecting the rights of the child, equality of parenthood father and mother, realising equality in society when it comes to sexual (LGBTQI) and cultural diversity. He talked about bringing change. If you really want to evoke change, you not only need courage, but you have to stand firm yourself. The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Everything is interconnected. Your emotional brain is connected to your body and emotion creates movement, emotion is not a weakness but is part of everyone, it's about the meaning you give to it. 

Interactive workshops were the second part of the programme. Fieke van der Lecq has an impressive career in the financial sector, holding various leading positions and being a professor of pension markets. With her knowledge and experiences, we addressed the myths you encounter in your career. Frank Uit de Weerd is an organisational psychologist and partner of the RedZebra Group. He taught us about systematic leadership - how can you see the change in front of you and set the system in motion from within yourself? Karianne Kalshoven provided a workshop on Ethics and Leadership. In it, she talked about how to use your intuition, energy and purity in leadership to do the right thing.

Of course, the day ended with an enjoyable networking reception. 

We look back on two inspiring, successful events and thank both speakers and participants for their valuable contribution. 

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