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Dive In 2021 Nederland powered by WIFS - Activy Allyships van 21 t/m 23 september


On September 21, the New Financial Forum foundation and Dazure, in collaboration with WIFS, are organising the Positive Finance Aftnernoon, a power afternoon on inclusion and new finance ahead of the anniversary of the Positive Finance Day in 2022. A small-scale event with speakers Rolf Schrama (The power of constraints) and Frank Mallens (Cryptos and inclusiveness) who know how to touch you deeply and make you see things differently. As a member of WIFS, you can join this event organised by our partner. Sign up via the site or the app! You can find more information about this event on New Financial Forum.

WIFS is organising the DiveIn festival in the Netherlands on 22 and 23 September. This year, the events are all about Allyships. A theme that, as a strong community, is of course right up our alley. We are currently finalising the programme, but we have some great, inspiring speakers and workshops in store for you.
On 22 September, we will organise an online event in English. During this online event, we will zoom in on female leadership and qualities needed to make an impact and work towards a more sustainable financial sector. One of the speakers is Fionnuala Herder-Wynne.
It is also high time to meet again. We will do so on 23 September in Rotterdam at RDM Next. It is also possible to attend one or more parts on 23 September via a live stream. The number of available places depends on the corona measures in place at that time. Register quickly to be assured of a place! We have an inspiring programme including Marianne Thieme, who for 17 years has been the political leader of what has become a highly successful new political movement. She takes us through how she launched that movement.
Merel van Vroonhoven has years of administrative experience and was chairman of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. In 2019, after five-and-a-half years of chairmanship, she decided to become a teacher in special education. Merel wrote a book about her experiences as a top female administrator and about her consideration of making the move into education. She provides an insight into her challenges and the dilemmas in boardrooms, and talks about what it is like to rise to the top as a woman in a male-dominated world. She launches her book on 20 September; during DiveIn, we as WIFS have the honour of being among the first to receive the book as well.

We conclude the day with a table discussion with 2 inspiring male leaders from the financial world, Faisal Setoe and Ugur Pekdemir. Faisal is managing director at HDI Global Specialty and Ugur is executive chairman of Rabobank Amstel and Vecht. We will talk to them about leadership and the power of diversity in finding the right balance between trust, connection and service and results orientation.
Register now via the app or the site! If you are not yet a WIFS member, please contact for the possibilities.