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In a vibrant week full of events, WIFS has once again shown that diversity and inclusion must and can be central in the financial sector. From the AMDiversity Award to DiveIn and the launch of the Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance, this week showed that innovation and inclusion go hand in hand. To describe the week in three words: inspiring, motivating, and stimulating.

Monday: AMDiversity AwardS at AON
On Monday, September 25, the AMDiversity Award was hosted at AON. An inspiring event where financial companies like Dazure, Obvion, and Unigarant had the opportunity to showcase their efforts in diversity and inclusion. Seada van den Herik, chair of our Advisory Board, served as the day's chairperson, and the winner, Obvion, was announced by the jury chair of the AMDiversity Award, who is also our board chair, Diana Zandbergen. An inspiring start to the week!

Tuesday: DiveIn Festival 2023
As the country lead for the Netherlands of the international DiveIn festival, WIFS set the tone on Tuesday with a virtual kick-off. Board members Lievijne Neuteboom and Nelsy Salden shared their captivating story about the mission of WIFS and the game changers in the sector. This was followed by a webinar with the inspiring insights of ASN, the sustainable brand of De Volksbank. Linda van Dongen and Kirsten Kossen engaged the participants in the climate crisis and their sustainability policy. Another afternoon full of inspiration.

Wednesday: DiveIn Main Event at the Volksbank & Launch of Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance In a full, inspiring week, it's hard to pinpoint a highlight, but if one had to be chosen, it was on Wednesday.

The drive and enthusiasm resonated in the room during the keynote by Ralien Bekkers, who, in addition to a significant reality check on the current state of affairs in the field of female leadership in decision-making regarding the climate, also gave a motivating message.

Micha Helbig of Infosys, one of our sponsors, was willing to make himself available at the last minute as a keynote speaker and inspired us with his experience, approach, and challenges in the field of diversity and innovation in an international IT company.

Subsequently, the Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance was launched with a video. A moment of pride, where 50 leading women in the sector were recognized for their contributions to sustainable finance. Discover the full Top 50 here.

Thursday: Pension Dossier in the Spotlight
On Thursday, September 28, the pension dossier was central, in the theme of 'Unlocking Innovation: The Power of Inclusion'. The insights and experiences shared by these speakers emphasized how inclusion can contribute to innovation in the pension landscape.

Anne-Marie Le Doux, Head of Customer Experience at APG, shared insights into how innovations initiated by APG ensure that their products and services are inclusive, specifically for female customers. Thanks to an interesting mix of personal stories and practical examples, she brought APG's innovative approach to this topic to life.

Petra Hielkema, chair at the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), engaged in conversation with Lievijne Neuteboom, shedding light on the role that innovation, inclusion, and diversity play in the world of regulation and supervision. She highlighted a range of topics, from gender-related pension gaps to the role of innovation in improving financial inclusion and how she works to promote diversity at EIOPA and in the pension and insurance sector. During an interactive Q&A session, she provided practical insights into how to be visible, leverage your network, and help yourself and others succeed.

A week full of inspiration and impact
This series of events underscores the importance of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in the financial sector. We at WIFS remain committed to these essential values that support our mission. Together, we are building a more inclusive and sustainable financial world. We thank all sponsors, partners, and participants of the events for joining us in creating a sustainable and balanced financial sector. On to 50/50!